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GIANT PAPA grilled steak slices topped
with fried onions in our delicious honey
bbq sauce & russian dressing
OUT OF CONTROL grilled steak
slices with lettuce, tomato fried onions, in
garlic mayo & pesto sauce
SINO STEAK tender steak marinated in bbq sauce, grilled to
perfection, topped with fried onions, served with fries
SAVORY STEAK steak slices topped with fried onions and
wild mushrooms in a teriyaki glaze
CHINESE RIB STEAK sliced rib steak in our chinese rib sauce
w/ lettuce, tomato, & sautéed onions in caesar dressing
TEXAS STEAK steak slices with portabella mushroom, roasted
red pepper, sautéed onions in our texas ranch dressing
SCREWDRIVER steak slices with lettuce, tomato, jalapeño,
& fried onions in our jalapeño dressing & pesto sauce